I'm Dennis.

I'm an attorney (and notary public) in Manhattan.

I like comic books, politics, Dashboard Confessional, Bill Murray, and Connecticut.

I drink too much bourbon and Pabst Blue Ribbon.

I have too much fun doing it.

email: aprettygoodstart@gmail.com

Overheard at Bud's Birthday Lunch at Peter Luger Steakhouse

  • Girl: Well that's because I work in the service industry.
  • Dude 1: I worked in the service industry this morning. The personal service industry.
  • Dude 2: I took my talents to South Beach this morning as well.
  • Dude 1: Yeah, I kinda got into something that doesn't usually do it for me. Double vaginal.
  • Dude 3: Really?? I can't ever get into that.
  • Girl: Sick.
  • Dude 1: Yeah. It usually grosses me out too, because it's just dong on dong in there,
  • Dude 1 makes two "Number One"s with his hands and then starts rubbing them back and forth like cross country skis
  • but this time I was into it.
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